Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practiced for more than 5000 years, based on the principle that every part of the body is connected.

By focusing on the connection points and area that is affected, Traditional Chinese Medicine brings about a more complete healing to the body and mind.

Who We Are

Reborn Clinic is a leading Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic that specialises in healing, preventing and managing various ailments.

Located in Holborn, London, Reborn Clinic offers various treatments including Acupuncture, Reflexology, Thailand Massage, Support Massage, Allergy Test, Cupping and Ear Candle and Chinese Massage. We also provide treatment using proven Chinese herbs. In addition, we provide effective Chinese essential oils and give lifestyle recommendations to our numerous clients.

We are members of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ATCM), UK. In addition, we are members of the NHS directory of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Our Approach

With an unwavering commitment to the health of our patients, our approach to healthcare incorporates the best Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern scientific medicine.

We take into consideration each patient’s medical history and overall well-being to provide a tailored treatment. Also, we work with various medical consultants including nutritionist, physiotherapist, oncologist, Osteopaths etc., to ensure our patients benefit from the best available.

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